Empower partners to identify and connect with overlapping accounts and opportunities inside WorkSpan.

About Crossbeam

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Crossbeam is a Partner Ecosystem Platform that helps companies build more valuable partner ecosystems. We act as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.

WorkSpan is the #1 co-sell management network that empowers companies to turbocharge and scale their co-sell revenue growth. Partnership and Sales teams use WorkSpan to collaborate with partners on deals, exchange co-sell referrals from inside their CRM, manage shared pipelines, and track performance on a live dashboard.

The WorkSpan and Crossbeam integration powers ecosystem partners to identify and connect with overlapping accounts and collaborate on joint opportunities to grow revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Grow partner-influenced and sourced Revenue - Single shared book of business with partners to help your sales reps source new deals or advance open opportunities into the funnel.

  • Operationalize Co-Selling Across All Partner Models - Collaborate with partners on a shared system for status tracking, which quantifies and accounts for partner influence and contributions to revenue

  • Align Processes with Joint Solution Partners - Establish repeatable and scalable business processes and workflows aligned to ecosystem best practices.

  • Shared System of Record for Partnering - A shared system of record spanning across companies from which to manage everything from end to end.

  • Expand Customer Base - Account and opportunity mapping by Crossbeam identifies overlaps and helps you grow customer base and expand reach.

  • Managing Pre-Pipeline Across Ecosystem - Pre-pipeline processes engage partners in collaborative joint account planning, joint account nomination, joint sales plays, and attributing partner contributions to deals and revenue.

  • Measurement and Reporting - End-to-end reporting spanning your entire partner ecosystem business.

Crossbeam Features

How it Works

For you - Authenticated access to the Crossbeam portal from WorkSpan, providing your users with visibility of overlapping populations with your partners, with the ability to share leads and opportunities to your partners from your CRM using WorkSpan’s plug-in.

For your partners - Easy access to sign up for Crossbeam from their WorkSpan app, and once they are registered authenticated access to Crossbeam to review their populations. Partners will also be able to manage shared leads and opportunities directly in the WorkSpan application giving them access to deal-winning content and more.

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